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Private Training


Private training is the most effective method for learning and advancing your talent and your voice, acting, or dance skills. Private lessons and coaching sessions provide personalized instruction based on the student's personalized needs and pace. Private coaching is a standard practice among professionals, even celebrities. The performing arts is NOT like riding a requires constant training and sharpening of one's skills or talent. 

We are currently accepting new private students in the Front Range area of Colorado. In-person lessons are located in Longmont.  Virtual lessons are also an option. 

A minimum of three months commitment is required, with consistent attendance. Once the day of the week and lesson time are confirmed, no changes or rescheduling is permitted. 

Rates for lessons:

45 minutes per week - $240 monthly (based on 4 weeks per month)

60 minutes per week - $300 monthly (based on 4 weeks per month)

Audition preparation (single coaching):

60 minutes - $100

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